Delivery Status Notification (Failure)

If you login into your Hotmail account and you get a lot of messages in your inbox which say ‘Delivery Status Notification (Failure)’, then it is a sign that your Hotmail account has been hacked.

If you haven’t sent out a lot of emails from your Hotmail account recently, but you see a lot of these emails from which say ‘Delivery Status Notification Failure’ come back in you inbox, then it means someone else has been using your Hotmail account for spamming people.

These hackers sometimes send out infected emails to all of your contacts which might result in their Hotmail accounts also getting hacked. These hackers may also forward all your emails to another email address that they own.

Your Hotmail inbox will look a bit like the picture below:

Delivery Status Notification Failures

If you notice any of the above with your Hotmail account,

Please contact us for Hotmail Support.


  1. You clicked on a malicious link in an email which caused your account to get hacked.If you click on a link in an infected email which says ‘Whats App’ or ‘Private Message’, then this problem can occur.
  2. You have been a victim of Phishing.You entered your password on a phishing website which appeared to be a genuine Hotmail website. Your password gets stolen and is then used by the hacker to hack into your Hotmail account.
  3. If your computer has malware or spyware infections then this problem can occur.Even if you have virus protection software on the computer, the problem can still occur, since there is nothing in this world which is capable of giving 100% protection against all infections.
  4. You replied to a fake email which appeared to be from Hotmail or Microsoft. The email asked you to reply back with confidential details such as password etc.

What’s Next?

Please contact us for Hotmail Support if you are getting a lot of Delivery Status Notification Failures.