Hotmail Account Blocked

If your Hotmail account has been blocked, you will see one of the 2 messages below when you login:

Forgot Hotmail Password


Hotmail Account Blocked

If you get any of these messages when you login, it means that your Hotmail account has first been hacked into and has then been blocked pending account verification.

This will generally occur, if someone hacks into your Hotmail account and sends out spam messages to a lot of people in your name.
If you notice any of the above with your Hotmail account,

Please contact us for Hotmail Support.


  1. You clicked on a malicious link in an email which was sent from one of your contacts.We have noticed emails which say ‘Whats App’ or ‘Private Message’ to be the cause of this problem.
  2. If your computer has malware infections which are capable of stealing passwords and then passing it onto the hackers, then this problem may occur.Even if you have virus protection software on the computer, the problem can still occur, since there is nothing in this world which is capable of giving 100% protection against all infections.
  3. One of the most common causes of the problem is Phishing.You replied to a fake email which claimed that your Hotmail account will be closed if you do not reply with confidential details or which claimed that your Hotmail account will be closed if you do not click on a particular link to verify your Hotmail account.Or you have entered your password on a phishing website which appeared to be a genuine Hotmail website. Your password gets stolen and is then used by the hacker to hack into your email.
  4. You use the same password for all accounts on all websites. One of your other accounts may have been hacked into and the hacker has got hold of your email with the help of that same password.

What’s Next?

Please contact us for Hotmail Support if your Hotmail account has been blocked.