Unable to Verify My Hotmail Account

When you sign in into your Hotmail account, and it asks you to verify your identity, there is a possibility that your account has been accessed from somewhere outside your country and/or spam emails have been sent out from it.

You will see something similar to the picture below, when you sign in:

Unable to Verify My Hotmail Account

This page will ask you to verify your Hotmail account ownership by sending a code to either a mobile/landline number or to the alternate email address that you specified on the account for recovery purposes.

The request to verify your Hotmail account ownership is asked only when there has been some unusual sign in activity on your Hotmail account from a different device that you don’t use or from a different location which is outside the country in which a particular email account was created or normally accessed.

If the email address or the phone number specified on the account is an old one, which you do not use anymore, then you will not be able to verify the account ownership by getting a security code sent to it.

That is why, it is recommended to keep your recovery information up to date on the account in case of any problems. In this situation, the only way of getting back into the account will be to fill out a long recovery form with all the correct information.

If you fail to provide the correct information on the recovery form, then you may not be able to get back into the Hotmail account.


What’s Next?

If you are unable to verify the account ownership of your Hotmail account,

Please contact us for Hotmail Support.